The Velichor Residential Building​

New York City, New York


A seven-story, ultra-secure residential building on Manhattans historic Bond street.  Each floor houses a single residence with its own long-term battery power supply, personal water treatment and storage aquifer, impact-resistant windows, and a fortified exterior façade that provides heavy acoustic soundproofing as well as environmentally sustainable insulating properties that capitalize on a thermal-mass system of temperature regulation. The use of such a high-tech thick-façade system provided the opportunity for the deep carving and casting of formal relief patterns that emerge from a language of kitbashed digitally recycled objects. Initial research into the possibility of such thick façade systems in urban areas shows a potential reduction in sound transmission from the 70-decibel average of a clamorous urban block such as Bond Street, to an interior level of 15-20 decibels—the typical sound level made by the gentle rustling of leaves.  The related formal qualities also return to the street front a level of high resolution detail typically not present in post-war or contemporary residential New York City buildings.

Chapter 03a 6 Bond Street _ plus window interior
Chapter 03a 6 Bond Street_Elevation_DONE DID IT TO IT
Chapter 03a 6 Bond Street _ Street DONE DID IT TO IT 2
Chapter 03a 6 Bond Street_FLOOR PLAN DONE-02

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