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Bio Prosthetics​

New York City, New York


Bio Prosthetics 006
rwChapter 10a Bio Prosthetics front view version 2 DONE
Chapter 10a Bio Prosthetics drawing 01 DONE_1000
Bio Prosthetics 004

Of all the ambitions which architecture today possesses, none is more pressing and celebrated than the quality of being sustainable. A more insidious offspring of this truth, however, is the tendency for architects and the public at large to assume that great sustainability is necessarily great architecture. The polemical "Bio-Prosthetics" project attempts to rewrite the way humankind interfaces with the environment by incorporating botanical life into human accessories. This project asks us to reconsider the divide between human and nature in a more synthetic way, where nature exists as an additional facet of, not separate from, the designed environment in which we exist.

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