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Brooklyn, New York


Few things are lovelier to observe than the delicate shimmer of sunlight skimming the water’s surface. Delve deeper, though, and dive undersea, and suddenly this scene becomes far more seductive. Our role evolves from outside observer to inside participant. The romance of the aquatic world becomes our reality, and the white glare of direct sun blurs into a glimmering, golden, luminescent glow. Once we’re in that water, we¹re cooled and refreshed. Here, in the courtyard of PS1, we experience that same sensation of submersion and immersion, basking and bathing. Somehow, we get the best of both worlds--the relaxed state of instant relief from summer¹s slow burn, and the dreamy gleam of hypnotic patterns from reflecting sunrays.

Echoing the languid sways of kelp, sixteen modular structures of carbon steel tubing curve high above us. Under their undulating twists and soft contours, we’re sheltered by expanded metal mesh and light metal sheets water jet-cut and folded a shading layer of rippling waves, fluid yet still, billowing and beckoning us with glints of flash and hints of form. Industrial gold automotive paint covers these structures in their glistening entirety, while multi-colored lighting projects upward, enswathing us in the twinkling mystique of underwater awe. Sunny by day, glittering by night, small LEDs are bunched like sparkling fruit in the canopies above. We¹re revived by the light spray of gentle mists and replenished by several reflecting tide pools, perfect for a pure splash of summer New York magic...

PS1 MoMA 007
PS1 MoMA 017
PS1 MoMA 012
PS1 MoMA 016
PS1 MoMA 013
PS1 MoMA 010
PS1 MoMA 006
PS1 MoMA 002
PS1 MoMA 001
PS1 MoMA 003
PS1 MoMA 004
PS1 MoMA 005_1
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