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Nicola Formichetti Store, Beijing

Beijing, China


The sister project to Nicola Formichetti's Hong Kong store, the Beijing store similarly featured over three-hundred one-meter-tall, vacuum-formed, plastic panda panels.  Whereas the Hong Kong store featured clear panels with backlit, computer-controlled LED's, the Beijing store did the reverse- each panda panel was manufactured from a reflective chrome plastic, producing an ecology of lighting effects based on reflection and refraction rather than transparency and translucency.  Referred to by the press as "a futurist kaleidoscopic panda-bear disco" the panels reflected a network of robotically moving concert light cannons producing a color-shifting, luminous, and mesmerizing space that featured various Lady Gaga outfits and Nicopanda products.

Nicola Formichetti Store Beijing 002
Nicola Formichetti Store Beijing 005
Nicola Formichetti Store Beijing 004
06 IMG_1800b
Chapter 02b Nicola Formichetti Store Hong Kong DONE
Chapter 02b Nicola Formichetti Store Hong Kong with clothes DONE
Nicola Formichetti Store Beijing 009
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