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"Mark Foster Gage is a farouche outsider, the most decoratively radical architect at work today." 

- The Spectator, London

"If Gage is the magician of modern architecture, he is also its Wizard of Oz ..."

-Surface Magazine


Sheraan Desert Resort

Al Ula, Saudi Arabia


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We're under construction! 

Penkrdige Hall Annex

Shropshire, UK

We're under construction (cont)! 

Penkrdige Hall Annex, interior

Shropshire, UK

2011 Outfit for Lady Gaga 001a.jpg
2015 Tower on West 57th Street 002.jpg

Tower on West 57th Street

New York City

2011 Outfit for Lady Gaga 001a.jpg

Outfit for Lady Gaga

For "Viva Glam" video, with Nicola Formichetti


Desert Resort, Formal Court Entrance

Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

2016 House on Ile Rene-Levasseur 001.jpg

House on Ile Rene Levasseur

Quebec, Canada

021218_rw_Sci Arc Matte Painting.jpg

Exhibition on the Work of Mark Foster Gage

Sci_Arc Gallery, Los Angeles

2018 East River Valley 002.jpg

NYC 2050, for New York Magazine

Manhattan, New York City

2015 Velichor Residential Building 002.j

The Velichor, Residential Building

New York City, New York

Penthouse Renovation

Soho, New York City

2012 Nicola Formichetti Store New York 0
052019 mfg pool arcade with desert.jpg

Desert Resort, Poolside Arcade

Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

Paint Print Floor

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